Out Team

If the people around us look at us as a powerful team, of course we know ourselves as a soul in several bodies. We are together for more purposes than a product, and iCattle is our smallest achievement.

Mohammad Mohabbat
Mohammed is also a senior hardware designer. He has years of experience in the field of designing radar and telecommunication systems. First of all, in the iCattle team, he is much more involved than a hardware designer. Almost everywhere you need help, he will be with you without any expectation.
Hossein Shaterian
A good programming team will need him. Hossein is our senior programmer and his design experience has led us to design the software. He is energetic and you will often see him ahead of you.
Alireza Kouhgard
If you want to decide with high confidence for the future, just invest in Alireza. iCattle is proud to have assured the design of the hardware platform with Alireza and Mohammed. Alireza is prestigious and highly motivated along with the development of the platform to meet the challenges of research and development.
Amir Mohammad Ohadi
An analyst who is interested in computing and artificial intelligence. Amir Mohammad is also a computer expert and along with Hussein, we will complete our software design team . He also help the R & D team to improve the level of computing. A team with Amir Mohammad will be less worried about future challenges. He is calm but will surprise you.